End-2-End Fulfillment Process

advastore revolutionizes the fulfillment experience with automation and efficiency. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we streamline the entire fulfillment process, from goods receipt to storage and order fulfillment. We process your orders in record time and flawlessly! Simply put: Your customers will love it!
From Order to Shipment in Record Time
Inbound Station

The Gateway to Efficiency – Our Inbound Station

Every goods delivery starts with a scan that automatically recognizes the product and captures all the essential features for your inventory management. A seamless transition from the physical to the digital world.


Efficiency to the Core

As soon as an item is recognized in our system, our shuttle ensures it reaches its optimal spot on the shelf.

Our shelves are not just masterpieces of organization, but also provide a safe and secure space for every product. From that point on, each item is ready for picking.


Automated and Precise

Thanks to our robotic technology, we pick products efficiently. Our algorithms and machine learning operate in real-time, taking into account all product information.


Swiftly Packed, Delivered Tomorrow

Once the items have been packed in a resource-efficient way, they are ready for dispatch. If orders are received by the evening, we do everything we can to ensure next-day delivery. Thanks to our optimised process and reliable partner DHL, we ensure that delivery is punctual and safe.


Elevate Your Customer Service

Our technology processes returns swiftly, identifies, and documents products, allowing you as a merchant to reintroduce them to sales quickly and provide prompt feedback to your customers.


Our logistical services ensure a seamless process for you. You don't have to worry about a thing - we handle inventory management, order

Merchant Portal advaHub

A full overview of all your operations in one platform, seamlessly connecting to your ERP/shop system.

Virtual Bundles

Our warehouse adapts as flexibly as your shop. Mix and match your store's products as you see fit, and we take care of the rest behind the scenes.

Inbound Inspection

Thorough examination of every delivery and each product, accompanied by detailed photo documentation.

Customized Packaging

Optimize your costs and protect the environment with our tailored packaging system - no more excess packaging material and unnecessary expenses

Expiration Date/Batch Tracking

Keep track of your batches and the expiration dates of your products anytime with our innovative expiration/batch tracking system.

Returns Management

Enhance your returns process with our efficient solution, cutting down on costs and administrative hassle.

All Position Tracking

With our APT (All Position Tracking), you can track your items at every step of the process.


Personalize your packaging with flyers and bespoke wraps. Give your brand that special touch.

Customer Onboarding

Experience tailored onboarding on our platform and kick-start with a comprehensive introduction to our services.

Inventory 24/7

Monitor your stock levels anytime and around the clock with our innovative 24/7 inventory feature.

Customer Service

You have a direct point of contact and can reach us anytime via LiveChat for your questions.


advaHub is more than just a portal; it's your central dashboard for storage and orders. Monitor your goods in real-time, keep track of the expiration dates, and precisely locate every item in our warehouse.


From inventory management to order and return processing – advaHub has it all covered. And that's just the beginning! From here, you can directly control the processes in the warehouse and stay in direct contact with us!

Frequently asked questions

Was bringt es dir?

Cut-off 16 Uhr

Wenn deine Kunden vor 16 Uhr bestellen, haben sie schon morgen ihr Paket, egal ob in Kiel oder in Garmisch.

100% Zuverlässigkeit

Du hast nie wieder falsche Produkte im Paket und deine Kunden ärgern sich nicht mehr.


Du bezahlst keine Luft mehr im Paket, schonst die Umwelt und senkst deine Versandkosten (nie wieder Iphone im Umzugskarton).


Du siehst alle deine Lagerdaten 24/7 im Merchant-Portal (Lager für die Hosentasche).


Du bezahlst nur das, was wir für dich fulfillen. Weder Grund- noch Onboardinggebühr. Abrechnung pro SKU und nach Kubikmeter.

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